3 Steps for Online Content Development

3 Steps for Online Content Development

Content development is not as scary as it may sound. In fact developing unique content to be used online is much easier than you’d expect. As you’ve probably heard, ‘content is king,’ and the seemingly endless need for fresh content is a demand facing everyone with an internet presence.

This need is particularly true if you have an online business that you want to grow. Here are 3 easy steps you can use to locate, develop, and distribute any content online.

Search for online content to write about

Your first step is to located sources of information to gather and organize into usable content of your own. The best way to conduct your content research will be to start with current trends related to your organization. What are people talking about, and how can you convert that into the interests you can share with your company?

There are several online tools you can use to check for current and popular trends. By simply entering keywords related to your business, you can quickly find the most recent content trends. Here are few tools you can use to find topics to write or talk about.

a) Tiny Suggest – which uses Google Suggest
b) Google Trends – current News and search stats
c) Google Keyword Planner – Find popular keywords to leverage
d) Twitter – Real time trending conversations
e) SpyFu – What words are your competitors currently using?

Using the results you find from the above tools will not only help you define your content, it will also help your content stand out as being relevant and valid.

After collecting the information you need to pull it together into a flowing and readable format. This is when you have the opportunity to improve your SEO by organizing and optimizing your content for search engines and marketing impact. Carefully select keywords that highlight your content’s message, draws focus to a specific topic, and can easily be used in your headings. Be careful though, overusing keywords or phrases can also disrupt the natural flow of your content and generate a negative impact on your search results. Focus your keywords to strategic areas; page title, headers, and the first and last paragraph of your blog post.

Distribute your content everywhere

When considering the best channels to distribute your content, you need to decide whether you want to use this content in articles, press releases, blog posts, an eBook, or perhaps an infographic. There are many types of content you can produce, but the choice depends on what suits your needs the best. Using multiple formats and distributing your new materials across social media, your website and through email will have the biggest impact for your business.

Your ability to continually create and circulate unique and relevant content is critical towards gaining exposure and maintaining an online identity. This is especially true for an online business that maintains a constant need for fresh content in order to grow and prosper. By implementing these 3 easy steps, you’ll always have an ample supply of interesting content to help generate leads, and grow your business.

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