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A strategic keynote speaker, I specialize in Customer Transformation and Success, guiding businesses towards innovative strategies that turn challenges into victories and customers into loyal advocates. Experience the transformative power of customer-centric insights at your next event.

Takeaways from my keynoteS

  • Actionable Strategies: Gain proven methods to transform  with your customers and boost business value.
  • Deep Insights: Understand the intricacies of the customer aspirations, identifying why multiscensory interfaces matter.
  • Innovative Tools: Learn about cutting-edge tools and ecosystem strategies that supercharge your customer success.
  • Scalable Solutions: Discover how to scale your customer success efforts, regardless of business size.
  • Customized Content: Benefit from content tailored to your industry, ensuring maximum relevancy and impact.
  • Post-Event Support: Access to resources and materials that ensure continuous learning and implementation after the event.
  • Copies of my Book: Provide your team and event participants with a copy of my book, Customer Transformation.
Chris Hood - Keynote Speaker - NHPA 2023 in Dallas, Tx.



Customized | Relevant Insight 
Dive deep into the essence of Customer Transformation & Digital Strategies with Chris Hood’s industry-tailored keynote. Drawing from 35 years of experience, Chris uniquely crafts each presentation, ensuring relevance across every industry and organizational structure. Unlock unparalleled insights from the former Head of Digital Business Strategy at Google.

Chris Hood leadership summit


Executive Leadership Sessions

Strategic Alignment | Actionable Outcomes
Whether strategizing for a pivotal initiative or rallying top leaders for annual planning, Chris is your trusted ally. His extensive years at the helm, especially at Google, spotlighted the transformative power of customer alignment. Collaborate with Chris and pivot your leadership towards refined customer success strategies for tangible, lasting business value.



Organizational Impact | Mastery for Impactful Growth
This approach integrates key areas such as Customer Experience, Journey Mapping, Digital Innovations, Artificial Intelligence, Data-Driven Insights, and Customer-Centric Cultures into your organization. Through clarity, commitment, and actionable pathways, you will revolutionize how you operate, innovate, and succeed in today’s digital landscape, ensuring impactful growth for all participants.

Chris Hood - Virtual events


Virtual Events

Dynamic Digital Delivery | Global Reach 
Experience Chris Hood’s expertise, regardless of location, through immersive virtual sessions. Whether you seek insights from his keynotes, leadership sessions, or in-depth framework training, each digital engagement is as impactful as its physical counterpart. Harness the power of Customer & Digital Strategies in an interconnected remote setting.


Navigating the Customer Transformation Journey:
Learn to transform with your customers.

Exceeding Expectations:
Elevating the Customer Experience in the Digital Age.

The AI Revolution:
Transforming Industries with Artificial Intelligence.

Unlocking Growth with Data:
Navigating Data-Driven Opportunities in Your Business.

Digital Strategies:
Unlocking Business Value in the New Normal.

Building Customer-Centric Organizations:
A Roadmap to successful customer first cultures.

Fostering Cultures of Innovation:
Developing psychologically safe teams for growth.

The Future of Work & AI:
AI, Automation, and the Human Touch.

Data Insights to Action:
Driving Competitive Advantage in a Data-Driven World.

Innovating Customer Engagement:
Strategies for the Digital Consumer.


  1. Initial Consultation 
    Once we receive your inquiry form, we’ll connect with you to set up an initial consultation call. During this call, we’ll discuss your event details, Chris’ availability, and speaking fees and brainstorm ways he can seamlessly integrate into your program. Depending on this conversation, we’ll arrange a detailed planning call.
  2. Planning Session with Chris 
    In this conversation, Chris delves deeper into understanding your organization. He’ll explore your strategic challenges and your event’s objectives and tailor his talk accordingly.
  3. Event Preparation 
    Before the event, we’ll connect again to confirm all arrangements for Chris’ participation. This conversation will include travel details, final tweaks to his presentation, audio/visual requirements, and addressing any remaining inquiries.
  4. Feedback and Follow-up 
    Your input matters to us! We appreciate post-event feedback to understand how we met your expectations. Additionally, we’re available to address further questions or discussions from the session.

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