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Customer Transformation

Dive into ‘Customer Transformation’ by Chris Hood, your essential guide for success in the digital age. Harness the power of empathy, innovation, and digital acceleration. Learn from industry giants, adapt to your customers’ ever-evolving needs, and revolutionize your business strategy to exceed customer expectations and achieve sustainable growth.

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Customer Transformation
For Nonprofits

Building on the success of the best-selling business book, this companion “Customer Transformation for Nonprofits” adapts these vital insights to the unique challenges and opportunities nonprofits face.  This book is tailored to guide nonprofits in connecting more deeply with their stakeholders.

About the Book

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, consumers expect more. Even with the array of data available, the need for a personalized and human-centric approach remains at the core of effective customer relations. Chris Hood, a former Google platform innovation and digital strategy expert with over 35 years of experience in business development, delves into this dynamic interplay in ‘Customer Transformation.’

As a thought leader, Hood develops a comprehensive guide for leaders to transform processes, organizational culture, and technologies to align with their customers’ ever-evolving needs and aspirations. The book lays out a groundbreaking seven-stage strategy for attaining customer alignment. This journey commences from a deep empathetic understanding of the customer’s perspective, incorporates the strength of people interfaces, and culminates with transformation alignment to ignite business value.

Must Read Reviews🏆

“A comprehensive, practical, and insightful guide that demystifies the connection between customer emotions and a company’s bottom line.”


“Customer Transformation is an essential companion for anyone in the business field, from owners and managers to individual employees.
Its lessons on the power of customer interaction are universally applicable and can truly set a professional apart.”


“Customer Transformation by Chris Hood emphasizes the paramount importance of prioritizing customers and their needs. This is a must-read for every business owner and anyone interested in sustaining and growing a business.”


Gain comprehensive insights

Unlock a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of customer relations in the digital era, including the importance of empathy, innovation, and digital acceleration, as laid out by Chris Hood, a former Google strategist.

Learn a groundbreaking strategy

The book provides a step-by-step, seven-stage strategy for achieving customer alignment, from understanding the customer's perspective to transforming your organizational culture and technologies to match evolving customer needs.

Leverage real-world case studies

Gain practical knowledge through extensive case studies from industry giants like Disney, Uber, Google, and more. These examples demonstrate how successful businesses have transformed customer relationships into digital strategies.

Equip yourself with necessary tools

The book serves as a blueprint for corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers, providing them with the tools to adapt to changing consumer needs and preferences, retain market relevance, and ensure sustainable growth.

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‘Customer Transformation’ demystifies the critical components for leveraging empathy, innovation, and digital acceleration, the cornerstones of today’s most prosperous businesses. The book provides more than just a strategy; it is a blueprint for nurturing dynamic, long-term relationships that are adaptable and evolve with changing customer needs. Using case studies from industry powerhouses like Disney, Zebra Technologies, Uber, Bank of America, Shark Tank, Anheuser-Busch, ING Bank, Google, Lego, and more, Hood provides practical insights into successful customer relationship transformation. He presents a lucid model for infusing an “emotional” layer into any digital strategy to enhance consumer engagement and loyalty.

As consumer needs, preferences, and expectations shift at an unprecedented rate, businesses must adapt and realign with these changes to retain market relevance. ‘Customer Transformation’ equips executive leadership, entrepreneurs, directors, and decision-makers with the tools needed to pivot, adapt, and, most importantly, keep customers at the center of every decision. This book is an invaluable guide for sustainable growth and molding organizations that exceed customer expectations in this digital era.

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Customer Transformation for Nonprofits

In the ever-changing landscape of nonprofit organizations, customer engagement and stakeholder satisfaction are paramount. Building on the success of the best-selling business book “Customer Transformation,” the new book “Customer Transformation for Nonprofits” adapts these vital insights to the unique challenges and opportunities nonprofits face. Written by Chris Hood, a business development and digital strategy veteran, this book is tailored to guide nonprofit organizations in connecting more deeply with their stakeholders.

“Customer Transformation for Nonprofits” extends Hood’s renowned seven-stage strategy to the nonprofit sector, emphasizing empathy, innovation, and digital acceleration. It provides a nuanced perspective on how nonprofit organizations can align their missions, values, and operations with their stakeholders’ evolving needs and aspirations. The book begins with the imperative of understanding stakeholders from a place of deep empathy, progressing through enhancing human interactions, and culminating in a transformation that aligns with mission and stakeholder values.

This book is more than a theoretical guide; it’s a practical roadmap illustrated with real-world case studies from notable nonprofits like The Red Cross, Pencils of Promise, The Salvation Army, The International Game Developers Association, Feeding America, and Charity: Water. Each case study provides actionable insights into how these organizations have successfully transformed their stakeholder relationships in the digital age.

“Customer Transformation for Nonprofits” is essential for leaders, managers, and decision-makers in the nonprofit sector. It offers a transparent model for integrating an “emotional” layer into digital strategies, enhancing engagement, and building lasting stakeholder loyalty. This book is not just about meeting the needs of today; it’s about anticipating and adapting to the needs of tomorrow, ensuring that nonprofits can continue to deliver on their missions effectively in a rapidly evolving world.

For any nonprofit seeking to thrive in this dynamic environment, “Customer Transformation for Nonprofits” is an invaluable resource for fostering growth, innovation, and enduring stakeholder relationships.

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