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Embrace a pivotal shift towards customer-centric growth with a Fractional Chief Customer Officer. I unify your approach to customer engagement, transforming scattered efforts into a cohesive strategy that deepens loyalty and drives revenue. Ideal for visionary leaders aiming to make customer satisfaction a cornerstone of business success. This is your opportunity to fuse Customer Success with Digital Strategy for epic experiences.

What is a Chief Customer Officer

The Chief Customer Officer holds comprehensive accountability for all customer-related activities. Historically, the duties of fostering a customer-focused culture and identifying revenue growth opportunities with existing clients were distributed among several executives. Now, this role centralizes those responsibilities, ensuring a unified strategy between customer success and digital strategy for unparalleled customer engagement and satisfaction.

Chris Hood - Your Chief Customer Officer

Recognized among the Top 30 Customer Experience Gurus by Global Gurus in 2024, I bring over three decades of expertise in creating customer-centric cultures. My background includes leading digital strategy at Google, pioneering storytelling technologies at Fox & Disney, founding multiple companies with over $500 million in revenue, and helping companies combined grow more than $26B. As the author of “Customer Transformation,” I am dedicated to aligning business strategies with customer needs, making me the ideal partner as your Fractional CCO to navigate the complexities of today’s market and unlock unparalleled growth and customer loyalty.

What Chris Brings to the Table

Strategy Development
  • Crafting and executing high-level customer engagement strategies to drive sustainable growth and loyalty.
  • Aligning customer engagement strategies with overall business objectives, ensuring quick adaptation during growth phases.
Team Leadership
  • Leading and mentoring teams to foster a high-performance culture focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  • Embedding customer-centric values into the team, ensuring alignment with strategic goals during expansion.
Data Analytics & Insight
  • Implementing a transformative customer-centric culture across the organization based on principles from “Customer Transformation.”
  • Driving organizational change to prioritize customer needs and feedback in supporting rapid growth.
Journey & Experience
  • Analyzing and optimizing the customer journey at every touchpoint to enhance satisfaction and engagement.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation, crucial for companies navigating expansion.
CX Innovation
  • Leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies to create unique and memorable customer experiences.
  • Innovating customer interactions to stay ahead of market trends, particularly vital during periods of business growth.
Feedback Systems
  • Establishing robust systems to capture and analyze customer feedback in real-time.
  • Utilizing feedback to make swift operational adjustments, ensuring the business remains agile and responsive to customer needs during expansion.

Fractional CCO
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Fractional Chief Customer Officer is an executive who offers their expertise on a part-time or project basis, focusing on enhancing customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. They bring senior-level leadership without the full-time commitment or expense.

Companies opt for a Fractional CCO to gain access to expert strategic guidance on improving customer engagement and driving growth through customer satisfaction. This is particularly beneficial for organizations not ready for a full-time position but in need of executive-level insight to enhance their customer-centric strategies.

A Fractional Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and a consultant serve different, yet complementary, roles within an organization. A Fractional CCO acts as a part-time executive who integrates into your leadership team, taking on the responsibilities and accountability of driving customer-centric strategies and improving customer experiences. They work within the organizational structure, often over a longer term, to implement sustainable changes and build internal capabilities.

Hiring a Fractional CCO typically costs less than a full-time executive when considering salary, benefits, and other compensations. This arrangement allows companies to invest in executive expertise cost-effectively, allocating resources to other strategic areas.

A Fractional CCO’s availability is flexible and can be tailored to your company’s needs—ranging from a few days a month to specific project timelines. This flexibility allows businesses to leverage executive expertise as needed.

Companies often engage a Fractional CCO during periods of growth, when looking to refine or overhaul their customer experience strategy, or when they recognize a gap in their executive leadership in customer-centric roles.

Success metrics are collaboratively established based on your company’s specific goals. These may include improvements in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer retention rates, and revenue growth from customer initiatives.

Due to their experience and focus, Fractional CCOs can often make an immediate impact, quickly assessing customer engagement challenges and implementing strategic improvements without the ramp-up time a full-time hire might require.

Yes, a key part of a Fractional CCO’s role is to collaborate closely with existing teams, providing leadership, mentorship, and strategic direction to enhance the company’s customer-centric efforts.

Any industry that relies on customer satisfaction and loyalty for growth can benefit from a Fractional CCO. This includes retail, technology, healthcare, finance, and more, demonstrating the versatility and value of this executive role across sectors.

The advantage of engaging a Fractional CCO is that the cost is often significantly lower than hiring a full-time executive. We understand the unique challenges startups face and are committed to working with you to develop a compensation package that aligns with your budget and growth aspirations. For startups, having a seasoned Fractional CCO on your team not only elevates your customer experience strategy but also adds invaluable senior-level expertise to your investor pitch decks, enhancing your appeal to potential investors. While we consider equity as compensation on a case-by-case basis, our primary goal is to support your startup’s success and we’re open to discussing flexible compensation structures that meet our mutual needs.

The process typically begins with a consultation to discuss your company’s challenges, goals, and what you hope to achieve with a Fractional CCO. From there, a tailored engagement plan is developed to align with your strategic objectives and operational needs.

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