14 experts reveal their essential marketing tools » Chris Hood

14 experts reveal their essential marketing tools

Digital marketers are truly multifunctional people. The statement is increasingly more true as businesses navigate social media, user experiences, SEO and coming up with new ways to connect with customers. In a recent article by Alina Gorbatch, 14 experts reveal their essential marketing tools.

Chris Hood shares some of his favorites, focusing on SEO, Content Scheduling and Performance Tracking. As we build experiences around data, all three of these tools help businesses make better decisions in their marketing efforts.

WooRank is a great SEO program. Keeps track of your SEO rank for your site, as well as offers great insights on areas to improve to increase your SEO rank / score and areas of your site that can help generate more revenue.

Buffer is an incredible time saving tool. Schedule up to 10 posts into the future and never miss a day to engage with your customers. It’s excellent for long term planning and coordinated marketing plans.

HotJar is by far one of my favorite tools. They supply heat maps of activity on your site, surveys to track performance, as well as various tools that track exactly where customers are engaging on your site. It’s analytics on steroids!

If you are looking for help integrating these tools into your digital ecosystem, we’d love to help. Give us a call!