The Ultimate Customer Transformation Strategy

The Ultimate Customer Transformation Strategy

In this growing technological world, over 2.14 billion people worldwide shop online. This number is expected to grow even larger as years go by. If there is any time to start a transformation strategy to become digitally savvy, it is now!

Developing customer relationships is difficult in the modern day. You can’t exactly physically chat with an online client. Luckily, there is a perfect technique to help your business maintain a steady influx of customers regardless. It is called the customer transformation strategy.

If you’re a business owner, executive, or even simply an employee who is looking for ways to bump up your customer relations, look no further. Keep reading to know all the tips for gaining and keeping new customers.

What Is the Customer Transformation Strategy?

Customer transformation is a customer-centric process that allows a business to tweak its products or services to further accommodate the continuously changing customer expectations. 

According to Chris Hood, customer transformation is a mindset shift. You have to understand your customers to serve them. The main goal of CT is to deliver value to old and new customers, accommodate changing demand, and use these techniques to attract customers. 

A few examples of customer transformation are having multi-channel communications with your customer or using new data such as customer insights. 

If you’re looking to know the fundamentals of customer transformation, take a look at Chris Hood’s top tips. You’ll be keeping not only the old customers but the new ones as well with these great techniques. 

Define Your Customer

Is your audience younger? Do they have a short attention span? What is their age range? Knowing the answer to all these questions will allow you to cater to your customers perfectly. 

For example, if your customers are typically older, then they may be less digitally savvy. It will be best if you make sure your website is easy to navigate. Don’t fill your introduction page up to the brim with information; this can be overwhelming. Take it slow!

As you can see, the first step in getting new customers is to know who they are. This allows you to get great intel and learn how to kickstart your business. You’ll be reeling in new customers in no time!

Know Your Customer’s Journey

Knowing why a customer is at your business is the key to customer transformation; if you know what brought them to your business, you know how to make them stay.

A customer’s journey is defined by endless searching online until a business stands out. It is up to you to shorten that journey by knowing not only who your customer is, but why they are interested in your services. You can save them time by offering what they need right away.

Once you’ve mastered this trick, you’ll be able to transform your business to accommodate your customer’s ever-changing journey. Don’t let your business stay stationary. Move to the beat of your customer’s drum at all times!

Build a Lasting Relationship

Over 90% of customers claim that an excellent customer experience will make them purchase again. 73% of these consumers say that even if the business makes a mistake, they would still shop again!

To make your customer feel special, it’s important to build a personal relationship with them. This may sound difficult online, but it can be made easy with a few of the following techniques:

  • Have a friendly (not overwhelming) introductory page. Make it easy to navigate as well
  • Have personalized messages for your customer. For example, “Good Morning Chris!” or “Welcome back, Chris!” will allow your customers to feel seen in an otherwise muffled online world
  • Have options for customer feedback. This feedback will help you improve and give your customer a voice

Looking for more advice? Take a look at the top 5 tips to help personalize your customer experience and kickstart your transformation strategy.

Nurture Your Customer

To nurture your customers means to care, assist, and provide for them in any way possible. Your customer strategy should be to make your business transparent; let your customers know that they are the priority. 

This will allow for both your customer and you as a business to work in tandem. As you accommodate your customers, they will also accommodate you. If your clients know you are putting them first, they are open to your business’s growth. This means you’ll have fewer worries about old customers leaving when things get too modern. 

Digital Transformation and Customer Transformation

Digital transformation refers to a business strategy where a company integrates technology into all areas of work. According to Chris Hood, meshing digital transformation and customer transformation is the ideal way to maximize customer needs.  

It’s important to know that customer transformation is at its prime when combined with digital strategy. Even if your business isn’t online, having digital services is a must in a technological world.

For online businesses, obtained data will help you understand your customer’s needs. These two business transformations are the key to gaining new customers.

Out With the Old Ways, in With the New 

If your business has been sitting stationary for a while now, this is the sign to kickstart your customer transformation strategy. The world is changing faster than you think. Get your business adjusted, and start gaining new customers as easily as now. There’s no time to waste!

Looking for more tips? Purchase ‘Customer Transformation‘ and Get more advice from Chris Hood and have your business growing sooner rather than later.

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