What's the Best Customer Experience?

What’s the Best Customer Experience?

The path to the best customer experience begins with a bang, like a cherry on top of a cupcake. As a stat to demonstrate this, 86% of consumers are inclined to pay more for a product or service, if there is a great customer experience.

But what is the cherry on top of a cupcake telling consumers? It’s telling them that their experience at this company is the best they’ve had. It is, quite literally, the finest customer experience they will ever have.

How do you develop a blueprint for the best customer experience? Where can you find examples? How do you cultivate a culture of great customer transformation?

By 2022, global spending on CX is estimated to reach $640 billion. These are all questions you’re sure to have, especially if you care for your customers. With his certain expertise and adept advice, Chris Hood will hand you the cherry to top off your blooming customer service. Continue reading for all of the tips and tricks to customer transformation and acquisition. 

Top Tips for Creating the Best Customer Experience

As the head of Business Innovation and Strategy at Google, Chris Hood has abundant experience in what makes the ideal customer service. With these four tips, learn the essentials in gaining and keeping a dedicated consumer. 

1. The Power of the Customer Transformation

Life is ever-changing. To expect something to never change is to expect the impossible. In terms of customer experience, this is where the term customer transformation is coined. 

Customer transformation refers to the transitional relationship between producer and digital consumer. This customer-centric technique focuses on the consumer’s continuously changing expectations in a virtual world. As a consumer’s mind changes, the company quirks its products or services to adapt. 

74% of customers will switch brands if the purchasing process is too difficult for them. To ensure they stay, there are three goals in CT: deliver value to old and new customers, accommodate changing demand, and use these efficient techniques to attract customers. As you can see, this technique maximizes customer satisfaction and quantity!

As an entrepreneur himself, Chris Hood stands by customer transformation being the best approach a business can leverage. You create a solid relationship between consumer and producer that generates lasting attraction for your company.

2. How to Create a Memorable Experience

It’s the simple things that can make the perfect customer experience.

Is your website easy to navigate? Do customers think your restaurant is clean and attentive? Have people complained that your playing music too loud in your shop? All of these attributes determine whether a consumer leaves your business satisfied or upset. 

The first step in creating a positive consumer experience is to know your customers. Knowing your consumer’s age range, common interests, and even location can help you tweak your business perfectly. That data paints a picture to help connect with your consumers. This allows you to get more personal.

When a customer visits your website, welcome them with a “Hi”. You are already lacking intimacy with digital customer experience, so it is important to create a personal experience online. You always want your customers to feel welcome and at ease when visiting your website.

Another way to create memorable customer experiences is through presentation. Are your website colors aesthetically pleasing? Are you using easy-to-read fonts? Is the website glitchy?

As you continue to learn how to develop the perfect customer experience, remember that the first impression is the lasting impression. Don’t skip the web designing process! Be sure you’re catching the customer’s eye and keeping their attention as long as possible.

3. The Do’s of Customer Experience

Take it Slow and Steady

No customer should visit your website and be off-put due to aggressive advertisements or lackluster consumer appeal. When a customer visits your business, they shouldn’t feel like they are overwhelmed. 

As a professor at Southern New Hampshire University, Chris Hood knows firsthand about creating a calm environment for his students. You will never have a good experience if your consumer is stressing out about every single item you are trying to sell them. 

Start with an easing introductory page. Let your customers learn who you are before trying to shove products down their throats. 

Build a Connection

Your customer should be more than just a consumer; they should be a lifelong friend.

For example, if your digital customer has a bad product review, do not simply apologize. Build a connection by giving your consumer more than what they expect. In this scenario, giving your customer a refund and a discount on their next purchase will build solid bonds. 

Get Feedback

Another way to build an intimate digital customer experience is to have feedback surveys.

Allowing this will not only give them space to speak but also help your business adapt to customer transformation. If your consumers are directly telling you their needs, it becomes easier to accommodate!

4. The Don’ts of Customer Experience

It’s easy to say you know what to not do, but it is also easier said than done. The following list will tell you what to never do for an ideal customer experience. 

Buy This, And This, And This…

Don’t overwhelm your customers by placing a million products on your website’s first page. Act like your website and customer are meeting for the first time. Dress up and tell them who you are! 

Difficult Website Navigation

It can be a pain to search through a glitchy website. It’s even worse when it’s a website you like. Take extra caution and invest in stable website production. In fact, 32% of customers will leave their favorite brand after only one poor customer experience

Negative Customer Support

If your digital customers have a question, you’ll depend on your support team to answer. Make sure your team is well adept and follows protocols properly. Otherwise, you’ll be losing consumers unfairly. 

The Tips Don’t Stop Here

Learning is a never-ending process. There is an entire slew of advice on customer transformation and acquisition on the blog. If you’re looking to create the best customer experience, look no further. Reach out to Chris Hood for more advice!

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