Digital Master Class: Leading Change

Digital Master Class: Leading Change

Digital Master Class series presented by Google Cloud
Digital Master Class series presented by Google Cloud

Leading Change

One of the biggest challenges modern organizations face is leading change successfully. Our rapidly changing world often generates a strategic imperative to change: Unless we make things different, our business will not succeed, or last. Ultimately, change leadership is about creating a shared understanding within your organization of the change required to achieve success.

The people who actually do the work and make the innovations. It would be impossible to be innovative without people to do so. You should not only hire the people you expect to be innovative but release those already in the company from their tasks. If they are already burdened with other work, they cannot focus on what matters.

Establish an environment that is open and inclusive in order to attract and retain the best and most diverse candidates. Integrate workplace innovation efforts that will be critical to accelerating transformation, while ensuring the right rewards and incentives to facilitate innovation and upskilling to sustain innovation.

In this episode, Chris Hood and Natalie Piucco welcome Anna Baird, Head of Culture and Innovation for Customer Success at Google Cloud, and Sarah Masotti, Digital Transformation Lead at Google Cloud, to walk through a Master Class on change leadership, and the importance of communication and psychological safety to support organizations on their cloud transformation journey.

Special Guests

  • Anna Baird – Head of Cuture and Innovation, Customer Success, Google Cloud
  • Sarah Masotti – Digital Transformation Lead, Google Cloud


  • Chris Hood – Head of Business Innovation & Strategy, Google Cloud
  • Natalie Piucco – Cloud Technology Strategist, Google Cloud

Digital Master Class Series

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