API Security with Apigee

API Security with Apigee

Organizations increasingly turn to dedicated tools that can help protect their web applications and public APIs, as research firm Gartner noted in its 2020 report Defining Cloud Web Application and API Protection Services.” “By 2023, more than 30% of public-facing web applications will be protected by cloud web application and API protection (WAAP) services that combine DDoS protection, bot mitigation, API protection and web application firewalls (WAFs).” This is an increase from fewer than 10% today.

I gave this talk towards the end of last year at a security conference. In the age of cyberthreats, and with the state of affairs in the world, most data breaches will come from attacks on APIs. Yet, one of the top reasons companies are hesitant to move to the cloud is their concerns with security. Watch this video and learn more about API security, and how to leverage Apigee to easily migrate to the cloud, and build a robust protection layer for your APIs and applications.

Cloud Armor

Protect your applications from DDoS attacks, filter incoming web requests by geo or a host of L7 parameters like request headers, cookies, or query strings with Cloud Armor. Cloud Armor is also a full-fledged web application firewall (WAF), and contains preconfigured rules from ModSecurity Core Rule Set to prevent against the most common web attacks and vulnerability exploit attempts.

reCAPTCHA Enterprise

Defend your website from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse like scraping, credential stuffing, automated account creation, and exploits from automated bots. reCAPTCHA Enterprise uses an adaptive risk analysis engine to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site.


Build security into your APIs in minutes. Out-of-the-box policies enable developers to augment APIs with features to control traffic, enhance performance, and enforce security. Apigee provides for a positive security model understanding the structure of API requests so it can more accurately distinguish between valid and invalid traffic.

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