Why shoppers abandon online carts

In e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment is ubiquitous. A meta-analysis conducted by the Baymard Institute found that about 70 percent of all online shopping carts are abandoned.

Chris Hood discussed this issue along with several ideas around what to do about it with Joni Sweet at NCR Silver.

“If you’re able to capture their email, you can also send them a message and ask why they abandoned the cart. Offer them a 20 percent discount for completing the survey. That way, you’re incentivizing them to give you the information you need and it might turn into a sale.”

If you do business online and have a shopping cart to manage, ch.digital can help you identify areas that are challenging your conversion rates. Product pricing, A/B testing, surveys, personalized experiences and ongoing evaluation of your pipeline should be continuously improved. Want to learn more? Read the article and some of our other articles around customer experience.

Digital Transformation Trends in 2017

Customer experience and technology must be treated as a shared relationship. At the core of a digital strategy, both must rely on each other to thrive. Creating exceptional experiences depend on businesses understanding these key trends to transform into digitally mature organizations.

CH Digital Transformation Trends 2017