The Fraternity Foodie Podcast: Innovation

The Fraternity Foodie Podcast: Innovation

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Michael R. Ayalon, MSP, Founder & CEO of Greek University, on his podcast, The Fraternity Foodie Podcast.

Greek University started in September 2015 to leverage the leadership already present in fraternities and sororities to solve the most complex problems of hazing, sexual assaults, and alcohol/drug abuse on college campuses all over North America.

Using best practices gathered over three years as the Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity and the problem-solving expertise developed while helping to build multi-million dollar companies from the ground up, Michael could quickly engage with college students and show them how to resolve current issues. Michael headlined over 400 presentations across 200 college campuses as a professional speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is also pursuing a Doctorate in Assessment, Learning, and Student Success (Higher Education Concentration) at Middle Tennessee State University and anticipates completion in 2025.

Michael believes in motivating and inspiring college students to create safer communities, increase their membership, and produce higher engagement. He is a big fan of bringing innovative concepts to college campuses.

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When a company engages in a culture of innovation, it is trying to seek new ideas. In other words, this means it is attempting to not stagnate and is trying to find a new corner of the market to thrive in. These things can drive a business to develop far beyond what it set out to do at the start.

For this reason, companies tend to invest a lot into developing new and innovative products. They want to “wow” consumers and offer a USP so far unseen in the market.

In episode 296 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we cover a wide range of topics from media and entertainment to artificial intelligence, and of course food! We dive deep into how to build a culture of innovation and how we can build failure skills within our college students. It’s a wonderful conversation. Click, watch, and subscribe to the video linked above!

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