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    some of my achievements

    35 years

    I am a digital strategist & marketing executive with over 35 years of experience.

    30 countries

    Executives from over 30 countries have visited my lectures and events.

    500+ companies

    I've had the privilege of advising hundreds of companies on their digital journeys.

    6 years

    I spent 6 years at Google developing award-winning thought leadership and marketing.

    $26B growth

    I've helped executives substantially grow their business and customer satisfaction.

    6M listeners

    Produced and hosted podcast conversations to 6M listeners.

    how can i help?

    my services


    The most effective way to collaborate with me is during a 1:1 session. Together we can openly discuss business challenges, opportunities, and develop a strategic map for your company's success.


    The most successful way to align teams is to meet and spend time on a whiteboard. Together with your executive and leadership teams, we can design and define what transformation is for you.


    Want to impact a larger audience, I'm available for speaking engagements and events where I can interact with a crowd and network with peers to share stories and lessons learned.

    your digital evolution starts now


    Coming Soon.

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