Customer Transformation: Interview with Chris Hood on TV

Customer Transformation: Interview with Chris Hood on TV

In a landscape where buzzwords like ‘digital transformation’ often eclipse the core of business operations, Chris Hood, a seasoned strategist and author, re-centers the conversation on what truly fuels enduring business success: customer transformation. Recently, Hood joined David McBee on TV for a robust discussion about this paradigm shift.

Customer transformation is not merely a theory; it’s an actionable strategy prioritizing consumer experiences and aspirations at the heart of business models. Hood, with his 35-year diverse background that spans from Google’s digital business strategy to teaching at Southern New Hampshire University, has been a front-runner in advocating for this shift.

Aligning for Success: Culture, Technology, and Processes

The dialogue with McBee unearthed the essence of customer transformation, challenging the digital-centric approach. Hood clarifies that it’s not about the latest tech stack but about aligning an organization’s culture, processes, and technology with the consumer’s goals and aspirations. It’s a call for empathy in marketing, to step into the customers’ shoes, understanding their holistic goals, and fostering relationships beyond transactions.

Interface: The Bridge from Awareness to Experience

A key takeaway from Hood’s insights is the ‘interface stage’ of customer transformation. It’s about evolving engagement methods and crafting innovative touchpoints that convert awareness into a tangible experience. Hood’s approach encourages marketers to think beyond conventional wisdom and explore new horizons of customer engagement, like voice activation or virtual reality, and potentially even taste!

Inspiration from Unlikely Sources

One of the most inspiring moments in the conversation was Hood’s encouragement to seek inspiration from unconventional sources. His diverse reading interests, from Mary Shelley to classic sci-fi, reflect his belief in cross-industry insights fueling innovation. Hood suggests looking beyond your industry silo can bring transformative ideas to the fore – even blending the festive spirit of Halloween with coffee advertisements!

Conclusion: A Beacon for Marketers

As Hood champions in his book “Customer Transformation,” he reiterates the importance of starting with a fundamental understanding of your customers and what they aspire to achieve. The podcast underscored the transformative power of putting customers at the heart of the business equation.

For those eager to delve deeper into the tenets of customer transformation, Hood extends an invitation to explore his work and teachings further through his website and social platforms. His appearance on TV is more than just a conversation; it’s a masterclass for organizations ready to chart a course toward a customer-centric future.

So, why wait? Embrace the journey of customer transformation and redefine what success looks like in your business. Visit for more insights and prepare to be the change your customers have been waiting for.

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