Customer Transformation: AI and Social with Kate Bradley Chernis

Customer Transformation: AI and Social with Kate Bradley Chernis

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, but its impact on social media is particularly transformative. While generative AI tools like chatbots have long played a role in customer service, newer applications are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in content creation, marketing strategy, and customer engagement.

On the premiere episode of “Customer Transformation Live with Chris Hood,” we are joined by Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO and the innovative mind behind Lately. Kate crafted Lately by drawing from her colorful past as a rock ‘n’ roll DJ and leveraging two and a half decades of broadcast communications and marketing prowess. This remarkable platform leverages AI to morph a company’s data and content into compelling social media posts in the brand’s unique voice. The result? A staggering 1000% boost in visibility and a threefold surge in inbound leads. This episode promises a rich exploration of the intersection between social media and AI, unraveling how Lately steers the helm of Customer Transformation in today’s complex digital world.

Why Generative AI?

Before diving into the intricacies, let’s clarify what generative AI is. Unlike predictive AI, which classifies or forecasts based on existing data, generative AI can create new data patterns. In social media, this could mean anything from automatically generating text for posts to creating visual content.

Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO of Lately.AI, an AI-driven social media management tool, emphasizes the objective behind employing AI. “Everything is about clicks and shares. So I have to back into that as the objective, what will make people click or share my content.

Lately.AI: Automating the Art of Social Media

Lately.AI has made waves in the industry for its automation capabilities, particularly in organic social media. It utilizes machine learning to automatically transform blogs, videos, and podcasts into dozens of social media posts.

According to recent statistics, Lately.AI has helped businesses see a 130% increase in engagement rates and a 300% increase in conversions, primarily through the automated yet personalized content their platform generates.

The Power of Personalization

Generative AI is particularly effective in personalizing customer experiences, a crucial element in the crowded world of social media. Kate Bradley Chernis adds, “The reason we want the AI to do better is to do whatever the objective is and to make sure that that’s how you’re coming at it.

However, achieving the perfect blend of automation and authenticity remains a challenge. Chernis underlines the importance of the human element: “There’s a reason if you’re thinking, okay, AI drives a car, that it can’t because it would have to know all the different kinds of manual transmissions and all the different kinds of automatics.

Generative AI and Business Objectives

Chris Hood, author of “Customer Transformation,” points out that the primary focus should always be the customer. In that vein, the applications of generative AI must also ultimately aim to enhance customer engagement and sales. As Chernis puts it, “I find that the answer of saving time is now becoming weak. The reason to do things should be more like make money, save money, make money.

As generative AI technologies continue to evolve, they offer a compelling avenue for businesses to optimize their social media strategies and deepen customer engagement. Chernis provides golden advice to those navigating this landscape: “Calm down. Don’t get fearful of it either. It’s not going to take over the world anytime soon.

A Brave New Social Media World

The synergy of generative AI and social media sets a precedent for customer engagement rooted in technological innovation and human connection. With tools like Lately.AI leading the charge, the landscape is ripe for businesses to capitalize on these cutting-edge technologies. As we navigate this fascinating intersection of AI and human engagement, one thing is clear: the customer remains king, and generative AI is a powerful tool in their court.

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