APIs and a Culture of Innovation with Warren Chuei

APIs and a Culture of Innovation with Warren Chuei

APIs and a Culture of Innovation

APIs are the backbone of digital transformation, and they are essential for business innovation. With APIs, you can securely share data and functionality with developers both inside and outside of your organizational boundaries, letting you build applications faster, seamlessly connect and interact with partners, and drive new business revenue. APIs are a force, that surrounds us daily in everything we do. In this episode, Warren Chuei shares with us insights on building a culture of open innovation and the importance of looking from the outside-in so innovation can have a massive impact on strategic objectives for your business.

To remain relevant in today’s customer-centric marketplace, organizations must possess the ability to scale applications globally and provide the intelligence and personalization their customers have become accustomed to. For instance, our research shows 8 out of 10 consumers are more likely to buy from a business that personalizes their experience, and 9 in 10 consumers want and expect an omnichannel experience. There is a need to demonstrate agility in innovation. This means that you are able to engage customers in a more personalized fashion, in addition to ensuring a more resilient organization by building adaptable applications.


  • Chris Hood – Head of Business Innovation & Strategy, Google Cloud

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