Why you Must Add Video to your Marketing Strategy » Chris Hood

Why you Must Add Video to your Marketing Strategy

Last year we shared some insights with Nicholas Bodell in a series he wrote about the importance of video in your digital strategy. No we wanted to look back and see if our strategies have changed within a year.

In 2016, Wyzowl found that 61% of businesses stated they currently use video as a marketing tool, and of that, 2/3rds were not using video in 2015. It was also predicted at that time 60% of all mobile data in 2020 would be video. So where are we today?

A year later, 63% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. That’s an increase of 2%. Out of those businesses, 82% of businesses feel video is an important part of their marketing strategy. But the real change comes from what businesses plan to spend on video. In 2016, 67% of these businesses recognized that they would increase spending on video marketing, whereas in 2017, 82% of businesses will increase spending.

Our CEO, Chris Hood, commented:

The number one trend in digital marketing for 2016 is content marketing. Although blog posts, or image promos across social media is the easiest, it’s not necessarily the most effective. In our connected world today, mobile access and improvements in speed, bandwidth, and service, video is a more effective means to communicate with customers and should be integrated into every company’s digital strategy. With video natively playing in Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, we no longer are focused solely on YouTube to distribute video content. More so, this substantially helps your mobile visitors find and interact with your products. Instead of attempting to read a lengthy blog piece, or flip through quick images, videos can easily be streamed on a mobile device when a visitor is on the go.

These same strategies still apply today. As Wyzowl also identifies, 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, than read text on a page. As more consumers navigate towards video clips, businesses investing in video marketing will start to see huge returns. So where does video fit into your digital strategy? To learn more about how video can be used to grow your business, contact us to discuss your project.