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The company was born out of a need for change. Chris Hood saw that organizations were struggling with digital transformation and wanted to offer strategies that were centered around enhancing consumer engagement and crafting effective digital experiences. It was about building cultures that were fueled by passion to dive deeper into social design and bridge the missing gap between business and technology.

For more than 30 years Chris has developed award winning marketing campaigns for companies including Fox, Disney, Universal, Sony, Doritos, Reebok, and many others. Today, as Chris Hood, we continue to work closely with clients to design unique experiences, offer engaging marketing campaigns, and build human centric interactive media. We strive to understand not only your exact needs, but more importantly, your customers’ exact needs too.

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Working for Chris is working for some one who understands how to put together effective teams, create a culture of progress and forward thinking, while working for a real person. He understands the value of letting the employees self manage while setting the goals, and directing the progress with just the right amount of input. Chris is hard working and relatable; a great addition to any management team.

Hilliary Lipsig
Hilliary Lipsig
QA Manager, Altair

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