I Love APIs City Tour

I was recently asked to speak at Apigee’s I Love APIs City Tour in Los Angeles. It was a fun event, casual and memorable. If the City Tour comes to your area, I would highly recommend attending.

My presentation was on the design and development of a fully integrated digital ecosystem, powered by Drupal, Akamai and Apigee. While working on Fox.com, we needed a new environment to help publish content, and offer next day viewing of television shows, across 12 unique platforms. This is just a small taste of how we did it.

[ms_video mp4_url=”//ch.digital/video/citytour-apis.mp4″ ogv_url=”” webm_url=”//ch.digital/video/citytour-apis.webm” poster=”” width=”100%” height=”100%” mute=”no” autoplay=”no” loop=”no” controls=”yes” class=”” id=””][/ms_video]