The Billion Dollar Podcast with Kim Komando

We are super excited that Chris Hood was interviewed for one of Kim Komando’s podcasts this week. Chris along with Marcos Polanco covered a wide range of topics including the evolution of the iPhone, digital transformation, product development and technology innovation. Here’s a quick synopsis of the episode, and the full show is now available online, or iTunes.

The billion dollar podcast: Success secrets from today’s top tech innovators – Part 2
We may not know for sure what the next billion dollar idea might be, but I can tell you this – it will take a leap of faith, a little luck, talent and charisma to bring it to fruition. In part 1 of this Komando On Demand series, you heard that high profile people initially laughed at the idea of the iPhone, which is now wildly successful. Such is the tale of many of our world’s brightest ideas. In this final part of the Billion Dollar Podcast, I will introduce you to pioneers and entrepreneurs who didn’t get their big break until their 50s and 60s. Listen to my free podcast for inspiration and wisdom from some of history’s greatest minds.

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