Biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 » Chris Hood

Biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

If you want a great insight on digital marketing trends for 2016, you might want to check out this article by Angela Stringfellow over at Docurated. A panel of 72 marketing professionals outline their personal insights on ways digital marketing may have the largest impact on your business.

Add to that the fact that consumer and buyer behavior isn’t static, meaning you must predict these shifts in order to continue reaching your audience on the right channels and with the right messages, and things get pretty complicated. The other challenge is that most marketers don’t have the luxury of endless budgets, so you must carefully select the right marketing mix that offers the best ROI.

Want a quick summary? Here’s a breakdown of what the panel defined as the biggest trends for 2016. Content marketing and video streaming are kings. Companies must build loyalty, connect with their customers and build an intimate relationship with their customers. This is done through influencers, personalization and content they can relate to. As more consumers embrace mobile, we can also connect with them interactively, on the fly, using tools like SnapChat to have moments that build those relationships.

Trend %
Content Marketing 20%
Video Streaming 13%
Relationships / Influencers 12%
Personalization 9%
Mobile 8%
Social 7%
SEO 6%
Engagement 6%
Retargeting Ads 5%
Real-time Analytics 4%
Micro-moments 3%
Other 7%

Which trend do you believe will be the most useful to help your business grow? If you are looking for additional insight or to form a strategy around these trends, let me know how I can help!