30 Chrome Extensions for your Digital Marketing » Chris Hood

30 Chrome Extensions for your Digital Marketing

Pagezii connected with 30 digital marketing experts to find out what their favorite Chrome extension is and how they use it to enhance their marketing efforts. The idea behind the article is “to help every Marketer in their day-to-day tasks.” What’s great about the list is that it’s never ending.

Our own CEO, Chris Hood contributed to the list with his favorite extension, Oddshot. With the amount of work we do in the video game and entertainment industries, capturing quick clips to share on social media is a necessity.

Today’s world is video-centric. So one of my favorite digital marketing chrome extensions is OddShot. It allows you to capture and share highlights of anything you find online. It’s a great way to capture and share quick media clips that can be used in your social media marketing.

If you’re looking for help managing your SEO, AdWords, Tags, Analytics, Social Media or daily productivity, there’s an extension that could save you a ton of time. Here’s just a few that are on the list.

Head over to get the full list of digital marketing chrome extensions, and if you don’t see your favorite, ask to have it added.